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Pokemon GO

Join a team, capture pokemon, and battle for gyms in this augmented reality phenomenon

Version: 0.165.0

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Niantic, Inc.


Catch the Pokemon with the Pokemon Go app. This popular app allows you to search for and capture all of the different varieties of Pokemon. If you want to compete against your friends, the Pokemon Go app makes it easy to do that. You choose your screen name and your avatar, and then you get started finding the Pokemon. The Pokemon Go app works sort of like a map and compass system. You hold your phone up in front of you, and it gives you hints and tips on where the Pokemon is hiding in the real environment. Once you stand in the right spot, you capture the Pokemon and can move on to the next challenge.

Not only is the Pokemon Go app a fun game to play with your friends, but you can play it when you travel, too. When you travel and play the Pokemon Go app, you can catch Pokemon that are not prevalent in your area. This could expand your collection and help you advance in the game. Many people have found that the Pokemon Go app also helps them to get in a lot more exercise. Instead of staying indoors and playing video games, the Pokemon Go app helps to get you outside and walking around.

You might be surprised at where the Pokemon Go app will take you. There could be a Pokemon in your own backyard or school playground. There might even be one in the store parking lot where you do most of your grocery shopping. If this is your first time every playing the Pokemon Go app, you can go to the help and about sections and learn how the game works. The Pokemon Go app also helps to connect with friends and meet new people who also play it.


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